Work during the war

Dear customers!

The company took into account the economic feasibility of restoring and ensuring business processes based on the forecasts of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the government regarding the course of events in the country in the near future. Based on the assessment of the overall situation, a decision was made to extend the temporary pause in construction works at the Poetica, Diadans, and Fjord construction sites.

Information about changes in the company’s work will be updated on the official website of ENSO and the developer’s projects.

We remind you that the ENSO client space will continue to work in remote access mode. Managers will respond to your inquiries online.

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Work schedule chance

Dear investors, we would like to inform you about the temporary suspension of work on the ENSO construction sites in the period from December 19, 2022 to January 16, 2023.

Updated information will be post on the official information resources of ENSO and the developers projects.

Note that the ENSO client space will operate in remote access mode from December 26, 2022 to January 16, 2023. Managers will answer all your questions online.

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the main construction phase of the first section is completed

A beautiful flower is installed on the roof of the first section of Diadans, which marks the completion of the main stage of construction work - the construction of the monolithic frame of the building.

Today, October 21, 2022, the last cubic meter of concrete of the monolithic frame of the first section of the Diadans residential complex was poured. So, the main stage of construction work has been completed. According to the tradition of builders, on the occasion of a significant event, a flower was installed on the roof of the building - a symbol of well-being.

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We inform you about payment according installment agreements!

To the attention of the clients of ENSO, from August 26, 2022, the mandatory payment according installment contracts in the residential real estate of the developer has been restored.

The current calculated exchange rate for making payments for real estate objects from the ENSO developer purchased until February 24, 2022 on the terms of rescheduling is UAH 30/$*. We are waiting for the fulfillment of contractual obligations according current contracts.

Please check with your personal manager for all details regarding payments and the formation of an individual payment schedule under your contract.

*the exchange rate can be changed unilaterally

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DIADANS is a unique residential building project for Ukraine and the award is a recognition of the importance of this project from the development company ENSO.

DIADANS became the first residential complex in Ukraine to pass the green BREEAM certification. To do this, experts analyzed dozens of parameters, including: energy efficiency of a structure, the use of environmental materials for construction, waste management technologies, environmental impact and much more.

“This award is a merit of the entire large ENSO team. These are architects, office workers and, of course, builders who work every day to make the DIADANS project become a reality. - Ramil Mekhtiiev, CEO of the development company ENSO shares his emotions. In DIADANS we have embodied our best ideas, have planned not just the creation of housing, but a whole space where residents will spend their time comfortably.”

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Soon, DIADANS residential complex will be raised in the heart of the prestigious Pechersk district of Kyiv. The new business class building consists of two towers, each 31 floors high. This is the first residential building in Ukraine, which received an international certificate of compliance with the environmental and energy-efficient construction standards BREEAM.

We present to your attention a video about the progress of construction work at the DIADANS construction site. In which the chief engineer of the project, Bogdan Evenko, talks about the construction technology and solutions that will be applied in the complex.

Watch the full video on Diadans by Enso YouTube channel

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Section 2:

  • — March-May: monolithic works up to the 26th floor;
  • — March-May: brickwork up to 22 floors;
  • — March-May: installation of window structures;
  • — March: start of work on the installation of internal engineering communications;
  • — April: start of work on the installation of ceilings and floors of the balconies;
  • — May: start of work on the ventilated facade;
  • — May: floor screed device.

Section 1:

  • — March-May: monolithic works up to 24 floors;
  • — March-May: brickwork up to 20 floors;
  • — March-May: installation of window structures;
  • — March: start of work on the installation of internal engineering communications;
  • — April: start of installation of ceilings and floors of balconies;
  • — May: start of work on the ventilated facade;
  • — May: floor screed device.
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The residential complex DIADANS by developer ENSO received the status of No.1 of the Choice of the Year 2020 in the category “Residential complex of the year in the business class category in Kyiv”.

The methodology for determining the winner of the Choice of the Year competition consists directly of researching consumer preferences, as well as involving experts, representatives of advertising agencies and the organizing committee of the competition.

DIADANS is a residential complex, where residents’ safety and comfort are taken as priority decisions. DIADANS became the first residential complex in Ukraine certified according to the method of assessing the environmental performance of buildings - BREEAM.

«Choice of the Yea» is an honorable award, it is a symbol of trust of Ukrainians and an indisputable proof of the professionalism of our team.

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The project developer, ENSO company, has identified the manufacturer of the elevator equipment to be installed in DIADANS residential complex. The house will be equipped with 10 passenger elevators from the Swiss company Schindler, the world`s leading manufacturer of premium-class elevator equipment.

Elevators for residential complex DIADANS are supplied in Swiss assembly, among the manufacturers of components - only European countries: Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Spain and Italy. The interior design of the cabins will be made in an elegant style, according to the general design of the entrance lobbies and halls of the house, using high quality finishing materials.

The DIADANS residential complex embodies only modern premium safe technologies in accordance with the received BREEAM certificate.

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Stunning effects, unique and sophisticated illumination - so bright you will see DIADANS.

Our idea was implemented by the specialists of Expolight (a lighting company with 20 years of experience). A comfortable light atmosphere has been created in the evening for the residents and neighbors of DIADANS.

Facade lighting favorably emphasizes the advantages of the architecture of the complex. Pre-programmed dynamic effects enhance the visual appeal of the homes.

The improvement of DIADANS complex has not been ignored either. The functionality of each area will be highlighted with light accents using intelligent lighting. With the help of light, three spaces with a different atmosphere, emotions and mood will be allocated, which will emphasize the functionality of the zones of the territory of DIADANS residential complex:

  • • Recreation and entertainment area.
  • • Zone of relaxation and parties.
  • • Active zone.

DIADANS is an opportunity for everyone to be themselves. Be different yourself!

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Schüco AWS 75.SI + - aluminum systems - German quality in detail!

DIADANS residential complex incarnates only modern energy-saving technologies in accordance with the received BREEAM certificate.

Panoramic windows DIADANS ideal and perfect window construction with maximum thermal insulation Schüco AWS 75.SI +.

Schüco AWS 75.SI + aluminum profile was deliberately chosen because it is a window series with the highest possible thermal insulation based on Schuco SimplySmart technology.

DIADANS is one of the few residential complexes in Ukraine where this high-tech series of Schüco window systems will be installed.

Benefits of the Schüco AWS 75.SI + aluminum system are:

Saving heat in the apartment The complicated configuration of the multi-chamber profile corresponds to a low thermal conductivity Uf from 0.9 to 1.6 W / m 2 K.

Eco technologies Eco friendly materials are used in the production of Schüco AWS 75.SI + profiles, 100% of the components of each system can be further recycled.

High level of security Schüco AWS 75.SI + systems are equipped with branded anti-burglary fittings.

Schüco — is a perfect design, perfection in every element. Perfect compatibility of profiles and components, each system is the result of a merciless evolution. Only the best time-tested solutions. Schüco aluminum windows will delight you with grace, elegance and reliability for many ages.

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Web 3D technology allows you to see your future home and allows you to fully understand the space of the apartment. The solution on Diadans website in the «VR Tour» section was implemented by the specialists of the VRNET company.

Do you want to visit the reality of your future apartment and walk around the apartment in a VR helmet? We invite you to the ENSO client space, where you can completely immerse yourself in the interior of your future home with a stylish design and a beautiful view from the window!

Additionally, a mobile application has been developed that allows users of mobile devices to view objects on their own at home with friends and family. Download the VRNet app (for Google Android and Apple iOS operating systems) to your tablet / phone.

login: Diadans

password: Enso

We are waiting for you in ENSO client space at the address: st. Mechnykova, 2
Business center «Parus». See you!

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Work has begun on the installation of brickwork for the external walls in the Diadans residential complex.

Experts use ceramic blocks from SBK, the largest manufacturer of facing bricks and porous ceramic blocks in Ukraine. All SBK products undergo strict quality control at all stages of production, meet the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015, and also have a European certificate of compliance with EU production control.

Walls made of ceramic blocks have a positive effect on the temperature regime and its stability, comfortable air humidity, lack of drafts, sound insulation. An additional advantage is the complete hypo allergenicity of the ceramic blocks. Ceramics have increased fire resistance, since during the production process it fired at a temperature of about 1000 C.

At the same time, builders perform monolithic works - verticals at the 12th floor level in the second section, and at the 10th floor level in the first section.

And we remind you that you can watch the progress of construction by watching online cameras on our YouTube channel or on the website in theConstruction section.

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Little by little the ecological trend is taking root in almost every area of our life. It can often seem like it is being used simply as a fashion trend. But there is one sphere where eco-standards are more than necessary. We are talking about development. Real estate builds for many years, and already from the beginning of the engineering, developers should understand how it will affect the environment, how much resources it will consume, and how it will improve people`s lives.

Ramil Mekhtiiev is an executive director of the ENSO development holding, he told Mind how these construction parameters are checked and what is BREEAM certification (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method).

What is BREEAM Environmental Certification?

In the world practice of developed countries, environmental certification of buildings has long been a must. One of the oldest and most common method of evaluation environmental efficiency in Europe is BREEAM. This system is already 30 years old, more than half a million buildings in 90 countries of the world have passed certification. Of course, reputation is on the 1st place for it.

BREEAM experts analyze the house according to ten key parameters. In particular, they evaluate its energy efficiency, the use of ecological materials for construction, waste management technologies, the impact of the building on the environment, safety for residents and visitors, the convenience of transport infrastructure, and other.

What is very important, buildings are evaluated twice - at the engineering stage and at the stage of putting the facility into operation.

• About ecological construction in Ukraine

The trend for eco-development is just appearing in Ukraine. Little by little, commercial real estate objects began to pass international environmental certification, but residential complexes are not yet very active in this direction. However, this is an important systemic stage for the Ukrainian development market. Our residential complex DIADANS has passed the \"green\" certification from BREEAM. Thanks to this, we have reinforced our experience with global green building practices.

• Organization of construction

Thus, the evaluation of an object begins at the management stage. It is very important how you prepare and organize the construction itself. For example, all wood that is used in construction must have a completely legal origin. Construction waste should be sorted into at least five groups, and it is generally recommended to substantially minimize the amount of waste. Of the obvious, but often ignored rules in Ukraine – are the requirements for labor protection and safety. That is, at all stages, an eco-developer must keep to responsible construction practices.

• Environmentally friendly for people

Next and most important stage is how the building is eco-efficient for people and resources. Such obvious things as the safety and environmental friendliness of all building materials are not even worth explaining. It is 100 % standard.

Enough attention is paid to the rational use of water resources. Detailed accounting of water use, high-quality and correctly installed equipment that blocks small leaks (it is one of the most often reason of the loss of a large amount of resources). And the main thing is to minimize the risk of contamination by bacteria, which is why there is so much attention to the design of a water supply system.

• Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is the key word for a developer looking to build an environmentally friendly property. Lighting, elevators and other materials and equipment must fit energy conservation standards. And for hot water supply and heating systems, should be carried out maximum thermal insulation.

• Noise isolation

In the center of any green building is always a person. And we are talking not only about what and how well the house is built, but also about how convenient it is designed for its residents. And we are talking not only about what and how the house is built, but also about how convenient it is designed for its residents. The developer`s ergonomic solutions should make the house safe and comfortable for residents and visitors.

BREEAM requires preliminary acoustic calculations at the engineering stage. The soundproofing standards of apartments for certified buildings are very high. Moreover, there are serious demands on natural ventilation.

• Social aspect

Also, international eco-certification also focuses on the social aspect. The developer must provide the comfort of future residents through a reasonable choice of location, accessibility of transport, educational institutions, sports and cultural centers, catering and services. It is also worth think over the creation of additional infrastructure for future residents, such as areas for family recreation, accommodation in a pharmacy or other important facilities.

And of course, the requirement to respect representatives of the local community at all stages of construction: limiting noise, vibration, soil and air pollution and preserving existing vegetation.

• Post-commissioning support

And the last, but not least, eco-certification is building support after commissioning. During 12 months, the developer must provide information and technical support. And also, to observe the consumption of resources in the building for next three years from the date of commissioning of the object. It can’t be a problem for a developer who has already worried about the further comfort of its clients. The above aspects are only a small part of the environmental standards that BREEAM checks. But there are enough of them to understand that the Ukrainian development market definitely needs to strive for international green building standards..

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DIADANS, from the capital`s developer ENSO, became the first residential complex in Ukraine, which received a preliminary environmental BREEAM certificate - BREEAM Interim Certificate.

BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) – it is the oldest and most widely used method of assessing the environmental performance of buildings in Europe. This British system is already 30 years old, and almost a million buildings in 90 countries have been certified. BREEAM experts analyze a house according to ten key parameters. In particular, the energy efficiency of the house, the use of environmental materials for construction, waste management technologies, the impact of the building on the environment, safety for residents and visitors, the convenience of transport infrastructure and other are evaluate.

“In Ukraine, a trend for eco-development is just arises. Little by little, commercial real estate objects began to pass international environmental certification, but residential complexes are not yet very active in this direction. However, this is an important systemic stage for the Ukrainian development market. When we were passing the BREEAM certification, we supported our experience with global eco-construction practices,“ tells Ramil Mekhtiiev, ENSO executive director.

According to words of Ramil Mekhtiiev, buildings are evaluated twice - at the engineering stage and at the stage of putting the facility into operation. \"That is, the developer cannot have any “formal approach” or the opportunity to promise and not fulfill,\" he said.

The residential complex DIADANS from the development company ENSO is located in the heart of Pechersk on E. Konovalets Street. This is a closed business-class residential complex with 24-hour security, a playground, a fitness area, a relaxation area and underground parking.

The certificate posted on the BRE Global registrar websitel./p>

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ENSO company has been working in the construction market of Ukraine since 2017. A distinctive feature of the developer is the realization of non-standard projects, among which are residential complexes POETICA, DIADANS, FJORD. The main areas of activity are: construction of residential buildings, infrastructure facilities and their further maintenance, control and audit of development processes, complex design of real estate objects.

- How did your company remember 2019? What achievements are you proud of?

- We are proud to have resonated with potential clients. It was shown by the dynamics of sales and interest in our projects. Also, among our achievements are the start of sales of the first and second sections of POETICA residential complex and the start of sales in two of our new projects - residential complexes DIADANS and FJORD. But most of all we are proud of our team, thanks to which we coped with the challenges and realized all our ideas for 2019. We are also proud of the trust we have received from our clients.

- How many facilities ENSO commissioned in 2019?

- Our residential complexes - there are three of them at the moment - are under active construction. In 2020, the construction of the first two sections of the first stage of POETICA will be completed.

- Does the ENSO company relate to the people`s deputy and ex-member of the Party of Regions Vadim Stolar, who was the co-founder of the Elita-Stroyinvest company? Some sources think that Stolar is the factual owner of ENSO.

- ENSO does not relate to the person of Vadim Stolar. Information about the founders is available in open registries.

- Now all your projects are building in Kyiv. Does ENSO plan to enter the markets of other Ukrainian cities?

- In the short term, we do not plan to enter markets outside the capital.

- In May 2019, the DIADANS residential complex was getting “green” certification according to the British BREEAM energy efficiency rating system. How did this story end? There is no information yet on obtaining a certificate for a residential complex on the BREEAM website.

- BREEAM certification takes place in two stages. First you need to get Interim pre-certification. It is issued when a company submits a complete package of documentation before construction, that is, at the engineering stage. Final certificate is issued upon completion of construction. Accordingly, for the present time we have only got an Interim certificate, so there is no information on the BREEAM website.

- The initial deadline for the completion of DIADANS complex was appointed for the II quarter of 2020, and then was postponed for two years. For a year you managed to partially fill the foundation of the future new building. What is the reason of it?

- There are no delays or postponements. The original and only announced finishing date was for the second quarter of 2022. Site work began in November 2018. As of today, work on the second section has gone from scratch, a two-level parking has already been built in the first section and work has begun on the construction of the monolith.

- At the forum, investors report a decrease in the pace of construction work of the POETICA residential complex. What is the reason for this?

- Only a qualified specialist (in this case, a representative of the project developer) can assess the pace of construction, we will not judge the qualifications and comment on information from members of the forum. Construction at the POETICA site is proceeding according to the planned schedule. Average rate is two living floors in each section monthly.

- In 2019, started sales in your new project - the FJORD residential complex. Many people were interested in its original concept, but the location of the new building raises doubts among potential investors. There is a storage close to the construction site. Voenny Proezd Street is very narrow. There are not even pedestrian paths there at the moment. How do you plan to cope with these problems?

- According to the detailed plan, the area near the residential complex will be transformed, and its attractiveness will increase in the near future. We also developed an improvement plan for the site around our complex, taking into account the characteristics of the area.

- Many developers complain that with the coming of the visa-free regime, there has been a great loss of construction workers to Europe. Do you feel a deficit of workers? And if so, how do you deal with it?

- There is nothing wrong with the departure of construction specialists to Europe for design work. Even other way round, it’s good. After all, sooner or later people come back with a lot of experience and habits to the order and rules that apply on European construction sites.

- Do you plan to present new projects to the market in 2020?

- Yes, definitely! We are working hard and hard on new projects and in 2020 we will present very interesting and non-standard solutions.

- What are the advantages of residential complexes from ENSO in your opinion? What makes them different from other new buildings in the capital?

- We always carefully study the needs of the market and the site; determine what values we can lay in one or another of our projects. We aim to ensure that our projects are in harmony with the urban environment and do not violate the ecological balance.

- How do you see Kyiv in 50 years?

- We see Kyiv as friendly towards residents and guests of the capital. We see a decrease in the share of transport traffic. Barrier-free building. And, of course, part of a greater Europe!

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Now everyone who is interested in buying an apartment in the DIADANS residential complex can take a virtual tour of the future apartment, for this purpose has been introduced a VR technology that has no analogues in Ukraine. One of the unique features of this project is that the VR glasses are wireless. It offers greater comfort for the customer, while also guaranteeing high image quality and an unprecedented immersion experience. You can “walk” around the DIADANS residential complex in the ENSO client space.

“Caring for customers is one of the values of ENSO (developer of the DIADANS residential complex). 3D-renders are an accepted practice in development marketing, with its help you can see general plans of future housing, layout or design. But in fact, it is an ordinary picture that does not give you an understanding of exactly how your future apartment will look like. Due to VR technology, our clients will be able to feel the real size and volume of rooms, assess the height of ceilings, look out of the window, even choose a design to their liking. Such “walks” allow you to really feel the space and atmosphere of your future apartment and make an informed decision,” comments the ENSO press service.

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The DIADANS complex is undergoing BREEAM certification. This is the UK method for assessing the energy performance of buildings using the green certification principle. DIADANS is one of the first residential complexes in Kyiv to receive international certification. Until now, only commercial real estate buildings have been certified, this is an innovative way for the housing stock.

“One of our main principles is customer care. BREEAM certification confirms the efficient distribution of eco-resources and eco-materials in the DIADANS residential complex. This will provide an environmentally sustainable and safe environment for its residents in the long term. We are proud to be one of the first on the market and hope that BREEAM will inspire other developers, architects and designers to raise their standards, introduce technical innovations and make rational use of existing resources,” said Ramil Mekhtiiev, executive director of ENSO.

The DIADANS residential complex is the second residential real estate project implemented by the development company ENSO. The object is located in the heart of Pechersk, on Yevgeniya Konovalets street, 19. Closed residential complex of business class, convenient location, round the clock security, playground, fitness area, relaxation area, underground parking and a courtyard without cars - everything is provided for the comfort and safety of residents ... The complex will implement innovative engineering and environmental solutions.

BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) is a voluntary assessment of a building`s energy efficiency based on the principle of “green certification”. The method was developed in 1990 by the British organization BRE Global with the aim of assessing the environmental performance of building structures and structures.

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We are glad to announce that on April 25th, sales have started in the new residential complex DIADANS! Right now, the most favorable conditions for the purchase of apartments are waiting for you. Call (044) 495 25 25 for advice on your questions, and we are also waiting for you in the ENSO client space at st. Mechnykova, 2a, Business Center Parus.
See you!

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We are glad to announce that 1st of November, the grand opening of the ENSO client space took place. Now you can familiarize yourself with the conditions for purchasing flats in DIADANS residential complex at st. Mechnykova, 2, Business Center Parus. See you!

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