What we managed to do during the construction of DIADANS in January. We report:

1.  Reinforcement and concreting of all elements of the 31st floor in the first and second sections have been completed. Work on the elements of the technical floors of both sections continues.

2. Installed internal utilities on the 26-27th floor (1st, 2nd sections). We are arranging them for the 28-29s. 

3. The masonry of the faсade of the 26th floor of the 1st and 2nd sections has been completed. We continue to work on the walls of the 27th in the 2nd section and perform the laying of internal partitions. 

4. Window constructions on the 22nd floors (1st, 2nd sections) are installed. We continue installation on 23-24, and also on 1-3 floors of a stylobate. 

5. Cement-sand screeds are ready on the 22nd floors of both sections. 

6. We are working on facade lighting and installation of external engineering networks. 

7. Installed ventilated facades on the 16th floor in the 1st and 2nd sections.

We work in compliance with all necessary technological and environmental requirements

1 section
2 section